Every year SIRA - Shopic International Retail Awards recognises innovative achievements in the retail business. To honour successful retailers who positively influence and animate the retail business, SIRA offers awards in five different categories:

  • Visual merchandising awards
  • Shop event/promotion awards
  • Shop design awards
  • Customer added value awards
  • Shop concept awards
Please refer to the Categories section for details.

The SIRA awards recognise outstanding achievements regardless of your geographical location, cultural-political environment or shop size. We honour the retail industry’s top achievers worldwide.

SIRA '09 is currently underway. Enter this exciting programme yourself, or let your shop be referred by one of your suppliers or business partners! This could include shop builders, contractors, visual merchandisers, point of purchase suppliers and others who wish to participate on behalf of their retail customer.

SIRA '09 does not only distinguish your shop, but also recognises the excellent achievement of your team. The entry procedure is easy to understand and well structured, thus providing every retailer with an equal chance to win a SIRA '09 award.